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    Expert help on fire safety plans in WA

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    In the event of fire, preparation is everything…

    Fires can spread at immense speeds. If you need to think about where your extinguishers are, or what your fire safety procedure is, then it is already too late. Being prepared means having a strict plan in place that all your employees understand so everyone can be safely evacuated, and blazes can be tackled before they are given the chance to spread. Our fire inspection services will ensure that in the unlikely event of a fire, you and your team will always be prepared.
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    By far the most important part of making your business or organisation fire safe is the initial inspection and design of a fire safety plan. Our specialists will carry out a thorough onsite inspection to understand your building and spot any risks. We will then create an evacuation plan, design systems for emergency lighting and identify where fire protection equipment should be installed. We are able to carry out this process in buildings old or new, and we can also update and replace older systems that no longer meet national safety guidelines.
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    Once your fire safety plan is drawn up, our technicians make it a reality by installing quality fire protection equipment at strategically chosen points. All equipment is installed with the intention of being easily accessible yet unobtrusive, so they don’t hinder your routine workflow.

    Our expert team will then train your staff in the safe operation of all fire protection equipment and systems, so they are ready in the event of an emergency.

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    All fire protection systems need regular inspections, maintenance and testing to ensure they are ready for action. Any servicing or repairs that may be necessary should always be carried out by the team who installed your equipment.

    AAA Fire Safety will identify any faults and make sure that your systems are ready for action and in full adherence with all current health and safety guidelines.

    For more information on our fire safety services, call AAA Fire Safety today on 0417 982 893

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